DJ Services in a New York Minute

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This mix is a tribute to folks I grew up with in the Bronx that allowed me to place my speakers outside my window facing the park and fulfill their ears with pleasure.

In The LAB


OK, it’s time for a little hip hop. You’ll find cuts and blends uncensored here, so please download for your review with that in mind.. Just something to quench the thirst.

OK, to all my friends out there wanting to work out to a fast tempo… I also send this one out to Tracy; she inspired it. To all a nice workout.

I send this one out to Renee. A story is told… For all my folks that want to party rock...

Oh Wow! Do you remember the RnB of yesterday that just made your head nod? Take a dose and ‘nod your head to this’...

You’ll enjoy this look back into the 80’s when you were then listening to Culture Club, U2, Madonna, etc. Take some time and enjoy them again.

This is a small sample of some southern style hip-hop uncensored, so please download for your review with that in mind.

Enjoy something more into the dance club scene. A small example of Britney Spears, Katy Perry, Black Eyed Peas...

Here is my second taste of some Hip Hop of the past. Enjoy and thanks for listening, uncensored so please download for your review with that in mind..

Alright, this one here is for my roller skaters. A nice blend of old and new.

Let’s take it back and forth. I have comeback with some old cool out R&B and brought it up to date with some party flavor. Enjoy this one while driving or at the job getting in your zone...

This was done for a Wednesday Skate Night (a rare performance)  and well enjoy…  This goes out to Dave ‘O’ - Peace...

The second edition to the classic salsa.  This just picks up where I left off, so catch your breath.  Enjoy...

A taste of classic salsa that I grew up with enjoy and dance your shoes off from DJ Frank Boogie.

Salsa Classico II — May 2014

Salsa Classico — May 2014

Old School Hip Hop.

The East Is In The House — October 2015

The East Is In The House II — November 2015

The East Is In The House III — November 2015

Oh man, we’re going back to the SupaFly days on this one.  You may have to pull out your turtlenecks and bell bottoms for this one.

Back In The Day Brothers — March 2014

A rare collaboration of guest DJ Brave Dave from Dallas Texas and DJ Frank Boogie.

The second edition to the collaboration of guest appearance DJ Brave Dave and yours truly DJ Frank Boogie.

I’m feeling some R&B this time around.  Taking it back to the essence from DJ Frank Boogie.

The R&B Offense — September 2014

It’s been a while since I put some music out, and this here is for all of you that want to have some thoughts of your roller skating days.